Import vCard to Outlook

vCard Importer with its easy GUI gives a smooth procedure to Import VCF files to PST & Excel/CSV format also

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Ideal solution to Import vCard Contacts into Excel, CSV & Outlook

Features which are to die for & solution that is absolute, is what we can say about this application. It comes with highly advance & top-notch advantages which gives users solution to import vCard contacts from multiple applications into Outlook PST, Excel XLS & Comma Separate Value CSV format. While going on with the procedure the software also make sure to keep all the Contacts Fields intact.

vCard Importer – Equipped with high-end Features

Support several applications

There are 50+ applications which save contacts into VCF or vCard format, if you have need to get them in Outlook, Excel or CSV format, then our tool is perfect for you. The tool supports iPhone, iCloud, PALM OS, Mac Mail, Apple, Android, WhatsApp, Blackberry, Entourage, Windows Mail, Live Mail, etc.

Import VCF to PST

In Outlook contacts are saved in .pst format file, like its emails are done. With help from this application you can easily import vCard to PST (UNICODE) format. Once the process is complete then you can import & view them in MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2007 & 2003 32-bit edition only.

Import VCF to XLS

Sometime the need comes when you may have requirement to get your contacts in a database. Excel is our standard database maintaining program. With this tool you can import vCard to Excel .xls format, which you can view in MS Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, etc without any issue.

Import VCF to CSV

We also have many application which supports CSV format. In Comma Separated Format all the details are saved in Plain text, separated using comma ",". This files are very easy to share & also supported by many application like GMAIL. With this tool you can import vCard VCF files to CSV format.

Dual Selection Mode available

To import selective contacts you can go with the single mode option available with the software. To import all contacts at once or to import the entire folder containing thousands of emails, you can carry on the conversion with batch mode option.

Specially Equipped with Advance Mode

Though our Normal Mode is capable for doing complete conversion, but sometimes due to difference in system configuration & many other reason, we suggest users to use the Advance Mode option, as this ensure that all the contacts & its details are imported completely.

Maintains all the Contact Fields

A single contact can consist many details like; First, Middle & Last Name, Job Title, Nickname, Suffix, Gender, Birthday, Phone Numbers, Email ID, Address, Site, Profile or Contacts Photo. This tool will import all contacts field accurately & without loss into your chosen format.

Also Import Multilingual Contacts

The tool is skilled with multilingual supportive algorithm. No matter in which language you have your contacts saved in, this software will import them in Outlook, Excel & CSV format without any problem & also keep their original language.

Do not replace existing files

Whichever format you choose for conversion, the tool will not replace any existing file. The imported files will be saved in newly created file (*.pst, *.vcf & *.csv format). None of the existing files will be replaced or overwritten.

Easy Working GUI

The working process of the software is very simple, anyone can use it without issue. Its 3 steps working procedure ensure you get a quick & smooth conversion done in no time.

Supports all vCard Edition

With use of this tool you can import VCF files from any vCard Edition. The tool supports vCard 2.0 & 3.0 very easily. There is no need to have any vCard supportive application installation for importing them.

Recover MDF and NDF File

Supports all Windows Edition

Without issues, use this software in any Windows operating system you want. Use in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 98, 97, ME, NT, etc without any problem. No other platform like Linux or Mac are supported.

Let’s try the Demo first


Imports 5 vcf contacts only

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Import any number of contacts

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It’s true that Demo has limitation, you can import only 5 VCF contacts with it. But it’s very important also. Before paying for this software, you must be sure about its working, after all it’s your hard earn money which are at stake.

Once you are satisfy with the working, then you go for the License Version of the software & carry on complete conversion.

Screenshot of vCard Importer

You can check-out the working procedure in details from its Guide Page»

Watch Working Video to Import vCard


How do I import the contacts in Comma Separated Value (CSV)?

To save VCF files in CSV format, first import the contacts in Excel format, then open the imported XLS file in MS Excel (any version), got to File Menu » Save As » Choose File type (Comma Separated Value or .csv format).

In which MS Excel versions can I view the .xls files?

All MS Excel versions are compatible with .xls format, newer & older. MS Excel 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, etc.

What are the software OS requirements?

This software is workable in Windows OS platform only. You can run it in any 32-bit & 64-bit Windows OS Machine. It also supports Windows 8.1 & 8 Edition.

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